Friday, August 18, 2017

Remember when....

Remember when I thought I would definitely be able to manage my half time teaching position and post here at the same time?  Remember how that didn't happen at all?

*crickets*... is anyone still here??

Well guess what folks!?!  I'm back on the subbing lists as of right now (but maybe, just maybe the right position for me will still come up before the school year starts... we've still got just over 2 weeks to go after all)!  But even if that right job doesn't come up I'm excited for my triumphant return to subbing.  

What's coming down the pipe on this lovely blog?  
I've got pictures of my French classroom!
I've got lots of art ideas!
And hopefully once I start subbing I'll have some wonderfully hilarious stories to share!
Stay tuned... stuff is coming.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Before Christmas break I managed to land myself a half time job teaching French every afternoon to grades 4-6 students.  So despite us just starting our 2nd week back I've been busy with planning and setting up my room (plus I've already had 2 mornings where I've subbed).
Here is a picture of the room prior to me moving things around

In a couple of weeks once I have student work up on the walls and have switched out all the bulletin boards (I've done 2 so far so I have 2 left to switch inside the classroom) I'll snap another picture.

The room is quite large (if you can imagine some rooms in this school are actually double this size!) and does not have any windows to the outside world : (   It does however have a sink in one of the corners which is handy for the odd day that I teach art in the room!  

AND for the afternoons it's all mine (and the students I share it with)
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