Sunday, April 21, 2013

Foot Massages

I know what you are thinking.

"I thought this was a blog about substitute teaching, not about the perfect foot massage"

Just trust me on this one.

Let me set the stage for you.

I'm subbing in a kindergarten class the kids are alright (nothing amazing but not the worst I've seen either) and we are all sitting on the carpet for attendance, calendar time, maybe a story and a song too. I'm clearly feeling casual this morning and decide to wear flip flops (maybe to show off my pink toes... maybe to show off my awesome foot tan. Either way, I'm wearing flip flops.

So the kids are all sitting on the carpet and I'm sitting in the chair telling them that it's June and it's a Thursday and the weather is hot or something along those lines when a student puts up his hand

"I really like your toes" says little Billy who then begins to touch my toe nails (questionable but I honestly don't mind if people - even tiny people - touch my feet and he isn't running around the room screaming so I allow it).

The next kid clearly sees that I'm allowing little Billy to touch my toe nails and dares to take it one step further. She is clearly thinking "oh yeah Billy, you only get to touch her toe I'm going to touch her foot!"

Next hand goes up and little Becky asks "may I give you a foot massage?" as she is carefully removing my flip flop and rubbing my foot.

I kid you not, I Christine, without even trying, got my kindergartens to massage my feet. It was the strangest thing. For the entire day they would not let me stand for anything in excess of 15 minutes because then it was cutting into someone's foot massaging time.

Their hands were tiny and they didn't do a great job but after a 4 hour mediocre foot massage your feet still feel amazing.

Sidenote: this wasn't the first time this happened. Once I was subbing in a grade 3 class when the class assured me they normally massage their teachers feet while she reads them a story. I was wearing runners this day but they just attempted to massage my feet through my shoes. Odd.

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