I am a Christian, sister, friend, teacher, and daughter. A walker, baker, reader, runner, (and not a candle stick maker... but I would try). I'm also a cross country traveller! I'm just a regular girl living a semi-regular life.

I graduated in 2008 and had been substitute teaching (for the most part) since then.  I've had a couple of terms teaching kindergarten and K-9 phys-ed,  grade 4, 5 (French), and 8 (ELA), and a grade 5/6 split class.

My name is Christine and I think I'm an alright teacher (and person in general).

This blog is for (but not limited to) substitute teachers (obviously), teachers, current students (who have had substitute teachers, dreaming about having a substitute teacher, or wishing they didn't have a substitute teacher), anyone who has had a substitute teacher (whether it was last week, last year, or sometime in the last century), and anyone else who is looking for a laugh, wants to catch a glimpse into the life of a substitute teacher, or just wants to support me in my effort to being a (mostly) really awesome substitute teacher.

Take a seat in one of the desks at one of my (many) classrooms, pop a squat on the carpet during circle time, or pull up a chair and listen in during small group time. 

Things are gonna get funny.  Sometimes things might get a little serious.  But mostly funny... I work with kids and I think we can all agree they are hilarious.

Sidenote: If I ever mention a student's name in a post you can assume I have changed it. If I ever mention the name of a school you can also assume I have changed that. I will not give out any identifying characteristics about any students nor will I tell you anything they tell me in confidentiality (or anything I hear about a student in confidentiality).


  1. Hi , I was reading your blog and wanted to know if you are looking for full time teaching work? I am going to sub this year so I can get hired the next year. Im an Alt Cert.

    1. Subbing is a great way to get your foot in the door to schools. I am looking for that classroom of my own. Where I live we just have a surplus of teacher graduates and not enough jobs to fill. Luckily, they are capping kindergarten and grade 1 classrooms at 20 kids for next year which will open up some jobs. My fingers (and toes) are crossed that something turns up soon. Enjoy your year of substitute teaching!

  2. i have been teaching for 6 years but since my pregnacy in 2010 with twins i have resorted to subbing. it is very difficult and takes a special kind on individual a true educator to do this job. How do you not let the rude and hurtful comments get to you/

    1. I honestly haven't had many hurtful comments come my way (lucky me) BUT this is not to say that I haven't had my fair share of classes that are rude and have basically made me want to pull my hair out (or go cry in my car). Anyways, if a class is really terrible I honestly don't usually go back (unless I get requested). But I'm from a major city and although subbing doesn't keep me as busy as I would like sometimes those really terrible classes just aren't worth it.
      Having said that, I have bills to pay and groceries to buy and sometimes you really can't turn down a sub day no matter how horrible you think it will be. On these days try to focus on the positives and not the negatives (which is really what I try to make this blog all about). Kids can be adorable and do hilarious things. Sometimes on those really awful days I've had just one kid come up to me to apologize (usually not a troublemaker) or give me a thank you card (also not normally the one causing problems). But it makes me leave feeling a little bit better.
      A terrible class is not a reflection of your substitute teaching abilities. Sometimes they can really just be awful.
      AND don't forget to leave the teacher a note. If the class really was terrible he or she should know about it! I've only left a note about how bad the class was a couple of times and I know for sure at least one of those times the teacher emailed me back to apologize. Also, if at all possible try to throw something nice in the note as well. I've written a post on writing the teacher notes here


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