Monday, October 09, 2017

Colony Schools

A couple of weeks ago was my very first time ever at a colony school and you know what... it wasn't bad at all.

A few things...

- My largest class included 15 students.
- Those 15 students were spanned across 4 grades.
- My smallest class included 2 students.
- When I went to the middle school side of the school it sounded like they must have been writing a test... you could have heard a pin drop. In fact they were quieter than classrooms I've been in where they were writing a test!
- When I went to the elementary side of the school it was a bit crazier. Bingo is Bingo no matter the school... the kids are apparently going to talk after each word and let you know if they have it or not regardless of the school you're at.
- I thought a colony would be pretty sheltered but in reality... they aren't so sheltered. The dab has definitely made it to the colony (there wasn't a fidget spinner in sight though).
- Those colony schools may be small but some of them are fancy. Nice cupboards and counter tops, laptops, ipads, and/or computers for pretty well every student (of course this might be due to the smaller class sizes)
- At one of the colony schools I was at they apparently have lunch provided for them by the colony once a week (and I heard rumours that the second colony school I was at has lunch provided every day... but I was only there a half day so I can't confirm this).
- Yes the girls all wore dresses and bonnets and the boys all had dark pants with suspenders and if anyone was wearing a hoodie it was a dark colour.

I mean... sure the drive out was a little confusing and I had no preps but all in all it was a positive experience... which is good because I'm heading back out there in about a week!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Owl Art

I saw this in a classroom in 2016 but by the time I saw it I thought it was a little out of season so I've kept this blog post save and sound until... well... now!

I couldn't find an exact description for how this was done online anywhere but here are my guesses:

Egg carton for the eyes and beak and my guess is this teacher was going to get the students to paint a piece of construction paper and cut it into pieces to be the feathers.

Monday, September 25, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Subbed my first day last week... FINALLY!... it's been a slow start for some reason.
Grade 4... and there were only 15 students in the class so needless to say it was a pretty good first day back!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Show and Tell

I was substitute teaching in a grade 3 classroom and the teacher in this room has about 5 children bring in stuff for show and tell each day (she had a schedule by her board as to who brought in on Monday, Tuesday, etc).  I was told I could go in any order with the students and if they didn't have anything to share they would pass.

So the first student shares what he or she brought in a couple of them pass and then I get to Tommy.

Tommy is excited to share whatever it is he brought and I mean SUPER excited.

He runs to his bag and pulls out what he brought and scampers back to the carpet where everyone is anxiously waiting for what he brought.

And what did he bring you ask?

A pill sorter.

Yup, Tommy was excited to share with the rest of the class that he had a new pill sorter.  It was colourful... I think each day was a different colour so it had that going for it.... but it was still a pill sorter.

Was he using it as a pill sorter?  I haven't a hot clue... for some reason it didn't come up what he was using it for.

Anywho, perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh on him for loving his pill sorter... I mean... when I was his age I was happy to get one of those little "tables" from a box of pizza to use in my Barbie house.
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